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This blog is in temporary a state of dispair! — I started overhauling its appearance a few weeks ago and I haven’t yet settled on something that I remain convinced about more than a week later.

Whilst I’m busy vascillating you can read my LATEST POST HERE!

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I’m attempting to refresh the appearance and how the content is presented.  Whilst this is going on over the next month or so, I’d crave your indulgence as some of this will look a bit questionable … certain things about the old set-up mean that images are sometimes the wrong size and duplicated pointlessly, for example.

Having seen this ‘theme’ elsewhere, I think it will end up looking far better for having benefitted from it’s first update in almost two years as it already looks less ‘busy’.  The content remains completely unchanged – all previously published links to the blog and its various posts still work and upi cam access the various menus and other resource links by clicking on the small grey square in the top right corner.

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  • Quick Guides – a series of legal and practical summaries for operational police officers about the most important scenarios that emerge under the Mental Health and Capacity Acts.
  • Paramedic Series – posts written specifically for my colleagues in green about the various aspects of how these two 999 services interact with each other.
  • Main Index – a full index to all the posts I’ve written, categorised by the various issues within this Venn Diagram.

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There is now a contact section below if you want to email me and I will try to get this cleaned up over the next month or so – I hope you like it!