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Nearest Relatives’ Rights

I took a bit of stick on social media month or three ago, for trying to help a family who were clearly at their wit’s end with worry and frustration, arising from a situation involving what they claimed was a mentally unwell relative.  It’s a slightly odd position that I’ve found myself in, being active … Continue reading

Undiminished Responsibilities

I read a throw-away remark on Twitter this week, about mental health professionals – specifically psychiatrists – being the experts to determine whether or not someone’s mental health condition has caused offending behaviour or whether it was quite coincidental. This self-evidently obvious statement is, in fact, quite wrong! It is, ultimately, a matter for courts, … Continue reading

The Dangerously Mentally Ill

You know what I’m referring to here, don’t you?  Just that term, “the dangerously mentally ill” tells you all you need to know about the group of people I’m referring to.  It’s such a self-justifying, explanatory term that it doesn’t really need any further explanation or clarification – you’re delivered straight to a vision of … Continue reading

Place of Safety Progress

The Care Quality Commission have today released an interim update on the progress being made in Place of Safety (PoS) provision, shown in map format (see a snapshot, right).  This is just a short post to put out some highlights from it as well as some thoughts and observations — There is a particular emphasis in … Continue reading

Flavours of Street Triage

New money is making further investment in street triage schemes possible in many areas of the country and we have seen new schemes emerging in the early part of this year.  Some NHS areas must be convinced of the value of them since they are funding them directly, without pilot funding from the department of … Continue reading

Review of Section 135 and 136

I mentioned that the Government had recently announced a review of sections 135 and 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983.  Well, the public consultation is now out and you have your chance to have your say.  I would encourage as many people as possible to answer this request for views, whether you are an … Continue reading

Mary O’HARA (the Guardian)

Why we need the online presence of MentalHealthCop – Mary O’HARA (the Guardian)

Nick COHEN (the Spectator)

Why the police silenced one of the best officers in Britain – Nick COHEN (the Spectator)


Is it OK if this post is a somewhat indulgent off-load of something exacerbates my stress levels and causes my blood pressure to rise?  Thanks.  Far too many times in the last few weeks, I’ve heard versions of these kinds of things in operational situations or during some presentations I’ve done to police / healthcare … Continue reading

Hicks v The Commissioner

Another post on some recent case-law that arises from an incident which was nothing to do with policing and mental health.  However, upon learning of it strikes me as very relevant to the way in which officers use their Common Law power to prevent a breach of the Queen’s Peace.  I submit that all officers … Continue reading


Michael Brown

Michael Brown