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A Little Knowledge Is Dangerous

Mental health has been creeping up the agenda in policing for some while now.  I will confess to mixed feelings about this progress and I imagine that might surprise you.  On the one hand, I’ve spent years banging on about mental health in the hope of its importance being recognised and slowly but surely, it … Continue reading

Parity Of Esteem

I want to highlight a case that has been covered in the media this month which shows exactly why we need to be careful about the false dichotomy of mind-body dualism and why we need to be really careful about the ridiculous things we hear some frontline staff saying and doing.  It is a case … Continue reading

What Are We Trying To Fix?

We know that the use of police custody as a place of safety (PoS) shouldn’t be happening very often – only on an ‘exceptional’ basis according to the current and to the next Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act.  I was delighted to find out recently that since the work I did in … Continue reading

Raising the Bar

We started deinstitutionalising our mental health care in the 1960s, not long after the beginning of a psycho-pharmacological revolution which suggested we had found effective drug treatments for psychotic diseases.  In fairness, it wasn’t just pharmacology that drove us: there were also concerns about the ethics of mass incarceration of those of us who were not … Continue reading

The Code Of Practice Revision – part 2

This is my second post on the subject of the current review of the Mental Health Act draft draft Code of Practice .  The first post covered my response to the new chapter (sixteen) on police powers and to some things that are not covered in the new draft.  This post intends to look at … Continue reading

The Code Of Practice Revision – part 1

I’m going to do two blogs on the new draft Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act 1983.  In this first post, I’m going to give some details about the consultation itself and how you can contribute to it if you have views you want to put across. I’m also going to zone in … Continue reading

Concerns for Welfare

It is currently flying around social medica that the Metropolitan Police is being asked to undertake 5,000 “safe and well” or “concern for welfare” checks per month.  I’m not sure whether this number is even vaguely accurate, but if even remotely correct that amounts to over 150 such calls per day across London. (My intelligence … Continue reading

Partnership Working

Not for the first time, I was recently told during a discussion about the police / mental health interface that solutions to problems will be found in partnership working and that “we need to stop talking about what is your job and what is mine.”  I admit to having had a small cerebral dysfunction as … Continue reading

Section 4 Mental Health Act

This post has been specifically requested by my colleagues in the Metropolitan Police, texting me to say “Do you have anything on section 4?!”  The fact is I didn’t and I was surprised I’d never thought to cover it, so this song – sorry this post – is dedicated to the Met because their request made me realise … Continue reading

Cape Town

This blog is specifically aimed at those attending the biennial conference of the International Council of Police Representative Associations in June 2014.  The ICPRA have been kind enough to invite me to speak at the their gathering in Cape Town.  Yes, really!  This is a particular honour, to return to this wonderful country to talk … Continue reading


Michael Brown

Michael Brown