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The Police and the Mental Capacity Act

It is important we understand at the outset: this Mental Capacity Act stuff can cause nightmares for partnership working because of the number of myths which already exist and because the police and many parts of the NHS have had little or no training.  I’m going to do a couple of posts on it – … Continue reading

Is A&E a place of safety?

ANYWHERE can be a Place of Safety under the Mental Health Act as long as the occupier is temporarily willing to receive the patient.  This is stated in s135(6) of the Mental Health Act.  Of course, the Act also declares that hospitals and police stations are places of safety (PoS); and the Code of Practice … Continue reading

Assumptions to avoid

I  just want to crack some assumptions that are often made.  My top three fears, because wheels can fall off: Alcohol preventing a meaningful assessment under the Mental Health Act – it does not follow that it is medically safe to detain someone in a police cell until they’re sober.  Custody sergeants who believe that … Continue reading

International Crisis Intervention

In 1988, the Memphis Police Department shot and killed a mental health patient amidst a crisis incident to which they had been called.  This incident served as a catalyst for a total re-examination of police approaches to incidents involving mental illness.  It is something I have been pushing for in the UK for 5yrs or … Continue reading


Michael Brown

Michael Brown