One thought on “ESSEX AUTONOMY”

  1. hi i read your blog a couple of times have been on a section three and the 117 but was taken off it with no aftercare or help took a psychiatrist through complaints procedure then on to the parliamentary ombudsman and the they didn’t follow through recommendations. just wondering as a police office when crime is committed to a person suffering from mental health difficulties is their protocol and guidelines that you as police officers treat the person not just the mental health label. in my case i felt was being treated like i was a criminal and a liar and all i did was tell the truth. i respect the law of the land because we all need rules and regulations to live by and nobody is above the law and i am definitely not. why does some police officers only see the label of mental health and not the real human being in front of them do they see we can and do tell the truth we are human beings just like you. wondering if police officers understand that it’s a job because their up holding the law and i respect the police i have a friend who is an office in London. i feel i being penalised because of my mental health not that i am just another victim of crime.

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A venn diagram of policing, mental health and criminal justice

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