@TheTweetAwards_ WINNER!

I was humbled over a week ago to find myself nominated for @TheTweetAwards_ as “The Most Informative Tweeter”.  I’d never heard of the tweet awards, to be honest, but @RoulaRoo (a twitter account run by 3 Dalmatians!) quite unexpectedly put me forward and things went from there!  OK: there was a degree of lobbying and some strategy – I started to annoy even myself with how often I was boring the hell out of people to vote for me!

Well guess what: we won!

So far more importantly – in the course of winning we attracted 300 new followers, including some new senior police officers and national mental health charities; as well as numerous mental health and social care professionals, students of different disciplines and various interested folk.  We attracted dozens of frontline operational police officers, towards whom the advice here is primarily directed.  This shows that officers are interested in this and keen to get it right – if only they knew was ‘right’ was.  It is always a pleasure to receive a tweet or email from a response officer who took the advice on and made a difference for vulnerable people, as @kawgparker and others have been kind enough to highlight following the award.

So the principle method of advertising the blog is now being followed by 25% more people, some of them quite influential folks.  Various responses I’ve had to the award indicate that the very agenda I’m so passionate about will be moved on as I’d hope to see it; and all to the benefit of those people we’re aiming to serve here: mental health service users.

Thanks to those who voted for me and to those who support the blog. 

At the risk of inappropriately introducing a speck of humour, I leave you with a celebratory tune – the mentalhealthcop song.  <<< tongue firmly in cheek!



6 thoughts on “@TheTweetAwards_ WINNER!

  1. very well done – I will do my best to make sure that the MHS staff I see are aware of the issues raised and discussed here although when I mentioned it to my care-co-ordinator who was ringing to rain-check again as another crisis had kicked (he’s the on-call ASW for most of East Somerset), he was immediately (unusual for him) defensive about the whole issue. Fingers crossed, your words will ne promulgated further and the more front liners the better:)

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