Printing Blog Posts

I was asked to add a PRINT icon to the blog, so that posts may be easily printed – this has now been done and all posts, both old and new, contain it at the bottom of each post, amongst the sharing icons for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN, etc.. I’ve been informed that a large UK ambulance service is printing some of the material to distribute on training days to paramedics and technicians, which is great news!  Somewhere, this lead to the print query which I hadn’t realised needs to be enabled.  It now is.

The whole idea of this blog is that it gets used to prompt debate and / or make the world a better place, so feel free to use it as you will – printing, copying distributing, etc..  I don’t mind whether this is electronically or by hardcopy but I just ask one thing: please ensure the authorship of this stuff is acknowledged as it has been ten years or more of my life and work in the making and I retain the copyright!

That said – fill your boots.



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