More Blogs on MS v United Kingdom

To underline what I consider to be the importance of MS v UK, I want to do this short post just to highlight a couple of other blogs that have emerged to feed any thinking you may be doing on this case and it’s implications / ramifications.

Interestingly – both are published on the UK Human Rights Blog by human rights barristers.  They offer opposing views about whether the case under Article 3 should have succeeded at all.

  1. Blog by Rosalind English
  2. Blog by Martha Spurrier

Both very well worth a read on a very important case.

The Mental Health Cop blog

Badgewon the ConnectedCOPS ‘Top Cop’ Award for leveraging social media in policing.
won the Digital Media Award from the UK’s leading mental health charity, Mind
– won a World of Mentalists #TWIMAward for the best in mental health blogs

ccawards2013 was highlighted by the Independent Commission on Policing & Mental Health
– was referenced in the UK Parliamentary debate on Policing & Mental Health
was commended by the Home Affairs Select Committee of the UK Parliament.



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