Quick Guide – Offenders

  • This guide is an attempt to “operationalise” complex issues and you should refer to your area’s policy and your supervisors for specific local requirements.
  • This guidance applies to both “inpatient” offences AND offences committed in the community.
  • Preserve evidence for offences in the normal way – witnesses, CCTV, forensic, etc..
  • Do not immediately assume that it is not in the public interest to invesitgate or prosecute
  • Gather as much background information about mental ill health as possible, especially if it is possible to contact a mental health professional with knowledge of the suspect
  • Get medical opinion about whether the suspect can be interviewed / barriers to prosecution.
  • Inpatient offences – formally request background information listed here:
  • Once decided whether to interview / section:
  • Fit to be interviewed – appropriate adult, interview, weigh evidence: disposal decision.
  • NOT fit to be interviewed – Mental Health Act assessment, await outcome.
  • Once decided whether to ‘section’ under the MHA:
  • No section – appropriate adult, interview, weigh evidence: disposal decision.
  • Section (minor offence) – consider ‘diversion’ without charge; and / or caution, warning or local resolution of the offence.
  • Section (serious offence / risk) – take background information to CPS for consideration of charge and Part III MHA application to court.
  • Capacity is NOT a concept in criminal law: whether a patient has ‘capacity’ is not a crucial question.
  • Insanity is a defence, for the defendant to raise:
  • “Every man is presumed to be sane and possess a sufficient degree of reason to be held responsible for his actions.”
  • It IS legally possible to arrest someone who is already sectioned under the MHA
  • It is sometimes necessary to prosecute people who are seriously mentally ill in order to secure opportunities available under Part III MHA.

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