Quick Guide (Northern Ireland) – a130 Mental Health Order 1986

  • This quick guide is an attempt to “operationalise” some complex issues but you should refer to your own force policy and your supervisors for specific local requirements.
  • Call an ambulance to EVERY arrest made
  • Remove anyone displaying a RED FLAG to the nearest A&E department
  • Remove everyone else to the NHS place of safety in your area.
  • Use a police station only as a last resort, if you cannot improvise any other alternative solution.
  • Alternative solutions could include a domestic address – their’s, a relative’s or friend’s – if it were assessed as a safe and appropriate setting.
  • Call the Approved Social Worker yourself and take their name
  • Call the Registered Medical Practioner if the person if you detained did end up in the cell block.
  • Constantly re-assess for RED FLAGS whilst the person remains detained under s136 and in contact with the police.
  • Remove to A&E if any RED FLAG emerges at any stage.
  • Once the patient is received, consider whether You Should Stay or You Should Go
  • Where the police remove someon to after arrest is, ultimately, a matter for the police.
  • Local protocols are important, but only binding if they actually deliver legal outcomes.
  • NHS preferences not to deliver upon their own guidelines and Codes of Practice ARE NOT sufficient grounds to ignore legal frameworks.
  • Ensuring that you have attempted to secure the right kind of assessment and care; or the nearest available thing, is important to demonstrating a discharged duty of care.
  • Doing what we all know to be the wrong thing, will not be defendable with “But the NHS would not / could not …”

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