Place of Safety Training

OK – I admit I’ve become excited by learning how to upload YouTube videos into a blog!  So I thought I’d shout out a ‘Training DVD’ that was jointly developed in the West Midlands by the police and the NHS.  It was designed to provide a generic understanding to all staff in all agencies about how s136 should work.

The training materials support the regional agreement in the West Midlands about how Place of Safety processes should operate.  That said, the underlying principles of this were subsequently disseminated by the National Policing Improvement Agency as the template against which all PoS provision should be judged so it is potentially of wider application.

All five videos total only 22mins and were deliberately designed to apply to all.  I’ve put a page under ‘Police Guidance’, above, with these on for easier access in future – I hope they may help how to approach things.

UPDATE >>> I admit I’ve also become excited by how to upload microsoft documents into blog posts and have now added copies of the various s136 products produced between my force and the Strategic Health Authority

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – A&E and RED FLAGS

Part 3 – Place of Safety

Part 4 – Police Station as Last Resort

Part 5 – Main Messages

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3 thoughts on “Place of Safety Training

  1. Is it just me?? First two videos played okay first time but now seem to have two ‘rogue’ videos in their place? Introduction now plays ‘whole police force taking one guy down with pole in Leyton’?? And second one is ‘admission of a mental patient’ by Boundless Eye?? Just thought I would let you know. Great videos by the way. Student AMPH from Berkshire.

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