The Mind Media Awards 2012

The Mind Media Awards 2012 will be hosted by Stephen Fry, the charity’s President, in November 2012 in London.  This event will celebrate much media contribution to raising mental health awareness, from soap-opera story lines such as Ian Beale in Eastenders; to the awareness campaign within rugby by Sky Sports, “State of Mind.”  Click the ‘Mind’ link above, for a full short-list in all categories.Stephen Fry has said, “The Mind Media Awards is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate those actors, writers, programme makers, journalists and bloggers who are helping to dispel the myths around mental health and reduce discrimination.”

That was my emphasis in the quotation as I am delighted to report that the “Mental Health Cop” blog has been short-listed in the Digital Media category as a “useful resource accessed by both police officers and service users, clearly explaining the legal processes, police procedures and human and civil rights associated with mental health problems.”

Thanks to those who have offered congratulations – I am most pleased to have received those from operational police officers from constable to superintendent who are using the blog material to expand their knowledge and to make a difference in the way they and their officers respond to mental health incidents to achieve better, safer, more dignified outcomes for patients, carers and families.  <<< That, of course, is the whole point!

The Mental Health Cop blog

Badgewon the ConnectedCOPS ‘Top Cop’ Award for leveraging social media in policing.
won the Digital Media Award from the UK’s leading mental health charity, Mind
– won a World of Mentalists #TWIMAward for the best in mental health blogs

ccawards2013 was highlighted by the Independent Commission on Policing & Mental Health
– was referenced in the UK Parliamentary debate on Policing & Mental Health
was commended by the Home Affairs Select Committee of the UK Parliament.


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