Beyond The Call Of Duty

Following the Mind Media Awards, I was flattered to be asked by journalist Mary O’HARA– herself a Mind Media Award Winner – if she could profile me for the Society Guardian pages. After carefully navigating the whole “police officer talking to the media” thing we met up – on the very afternoon that Lord LEVESON published his report!


Here is the article for you to read: I could not be more chuffed to have been given coverage and flattered it was from such a renowned mental health journalist.  Not only is it likely to drive more traffic to the blog it is going to raise awareness of the important role played by UK police officers in our de facto mental health system.  I also learned the usefulness of the word ‘opaque’ to describe mental health law!

Mary brought with her a professional photographer and I’m sure he knows how to work a camera better than the rest of us: I can only apologise for his raw material and suggest that even photoshop must have its limits! 🙂

  • The Mental Health Cop blog won the Mind 2012 Digital Media Award, in memory and in honour of Mark Hanson.
  • The Awards celebrate the “best portrayals of and reporting on mental health in the media.”

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4 thoughts on “Beyond The Call Of Duty

  1. Michael – thank you for doing this blog. I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Bipolar Affective Disorder. During a manic episode in May 2008 I was arrested under the Mental Health Act (bizarrely by someone I know however I doubt he was acting independently as he was personally involved in the situation that triggered the manic episode). This officer rushed fitting the handcuffs and pushed me into the van. This damaged nerves in the back of my hand that took over a year to heal.

    Had he taken the time to speak to me he would have found out that the crisis team were waiting for me at my home.

    This arrest worsened my condition and I was sent to hospital instead of going home to my family. It was quite out of proportion and I hope that your blog has some influence over Cambridgeshire Police to stop this kind of thing happening again.

  2. Just wondered Inspector Michael Brown ,have you any experience with full blown Tourette Syndrome ? I live with this condition ,and there as been a few cases of folk being arrested and prosecuted,for inappropriate language due to Coprolalia is involuntary swearing which is part of TS , I understand that officers have only seconds sometimes to asses a situation,but once it is established that a person as and is diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, is it then necessary to put the alleged offence through to CPS and then to court? many thanks and congratulation on your award ,keep up the good work

    Paul Stevenson

    1. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment, it got caught in the spam folder for no obvious reason, I’m afraid.

      I have met one person in my career arrested with Tourette’s although he wasn’t arrested for his language or behaviour, but for theft. I fully see the point you’re making and would like to think that such cases would not reach the CPS nevermind the courts, for swearing alone.

  3. Hi and thank you for your reply ,sadly some cases do go through to court and even conviction ( ), there is alot more to tourettes than just swearing as the link to the Irish case shows ,we have been approached by a lady who son as just received community service due to his condition, but this is being looked in to , My friend and myself are members of Tourettes action would like to see that this doesn’t happen again and we have come up with an idea to make Police officers and CPS jobs easier when dealing with Tourette sufferers or any other mental health condition. please do not think this idea we have is to sell anything , its just tourette syndrome is a very complex condition,and it is my biggest nightmare to be arrested due to my condition. would it be possible to discus this with you and maybe help come up with a solution. Once more thank you for your reply

    Paul Stevenson

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