The World of Mentalists – We Won!!

What a way to start 2013! – it took eleven and a half months to win an award in 2012, but only eleven and a half hours for the blog to win its first award this year – a #TWIMAward from The World of Mentalists.

This blog provides overviews and insights into the whole range of mental health issues and runs the #TWIMAwards at the end of each year.  The MentalHealthCop blog has won in the “Not Otherwise Specified” category – fair comment, given how difficult it is to file mental health within policing and vice versa!

If you have not read this blog before, you should check out the results page for this year’s awards.  All the winning and short-listed blogs are there, with hyperlinks, and it represents the best in social media on mental health across the spectrum of condtions and professions associated with it.

I am grateful to the judges for the #TWIMAwards, many of them excellent tweeters and bloggers in their own right and / or who do great work on mental health as professionals for various organisations.  That they consider my blog to be ‘up there’ is a real honour.

Best Mood Disorder Blog
Purple Persuasion

Best Psychosis Blog
A Path With Heart

Best Eating Disorder Blog
Giant Fossilized Armadillo

Best Personality Disorder Blog
Beauty From Pain Blog

Best Anxiety, Stress or Trauma Blog
Conversations With My Head

Best Autistic Spectrum Disorder Blog
Aspergers & the Alien

Best Psychiatry, Psychology or Psychotherapy
Mind Hacks

Best Nursing, Social Work or Professions Allied to Medicine Blog
The Masked AMHP

Best Student or Academic Blog
World of Oid

Chaos and Control


The Mental Health Cop blog

Badgewon the ConnectedCOPS ‘Top Cop’ Award for leveraging social media in policing.
won the Digital Media Award from the UK’s leading mental health charity, Mind
– won a World of Mentalists #TWIMAward for the best in mental health blogs

ccawards2013 was highlighted by the Independent Commission on Policing & Mental Health
– was referenced in the UK Parliamentary debate on Policing & Mental Health
was commended by the Home Affairs Select Committee of the UK Parliament.


4 thoughts on “The World of Mentalists – We Won!!

  1. It’s been a great few months for this blog – but it’s all been really well deserved, Michael 🙂 You write both genuinely interesting and genuinely useful articles here and it’s great to see that being recognised.

    All the best for 2013.

    Take care

    Pan (Co-Editor, The World of Mentalists)

  2. You deserve it! It’s a great blog and helps me a lot at work, and has given me a better insight into the world of mental health and the rights of the police and the DP.

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