Finalist for an International Award

I was delighted to hear this week, that I have been short-listed for an international award for police use of social media!  How cool is that?!

All eyes on Omaha in the United States on 25th September – when the winner is announced!

I find myself the only individual UK police officer to have been short-listed in any of the many categories and it was written, “Inspector Brown is widely known and recognized for his work in mental health policing. His work, especially his ‘Paramedic Series’ of posts on his blog Mental Health Cop has educated police officers, their agencies and others internationally.  Inspector Brown freely gives of his time and expertise to mentor his colleagues at hospitals, ambulances services, mental health units as well as patients.”

The ConnectedCOPS Awards are given annually at the SMILE Conference – Social Media In Law Enforcement – which itself has been running for several years to highlight good practice in police use of social media across the globe.

SMILE will be hosted for the first time outside North America when it comes to the UK and is hosted by West Midlands Police in 2014.

“This award is given to the sworn law enforcement executive of the rank of LT (or its international equivalent) and above, at any worldwide law enforcement agency who has demonstrated significant and sustained executive leadership to further the use of social media and internet technologies in law enforcement. This individual is a risk-taker and a pioneer in his or her promotion and use of social media in policing. The recipient of the Top Cop Award also gives his thought leadership and expertise freely to others.”

This continues to show that UK police use of social media is amongst the best in the world and to be short-listed for putting together this blog and driving a Twitter account about something I’m passionately interested in is real honour indeed.

Fingers crossed!

IMG_0053IMG_0052Winner of the President’s Medal from
the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Winner of the Mind Digital Media Award.


4 thoughts on “Finalist for an International Award

  1. for me the value of mental health cop is that it is written for everyone’s benefit .it has that vocational aspect that is often lacking in charities these days . good luck

  2. Fantastic news – well done Michael. You have been a real inspiration to me with my ongoing battle and a fantastic source of information. Also it makes you realise that you’re not alone. Thanks for all you do.

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