How To Use This Blog

A short, somewhat functional post in order to increase ease of navigation around this (ever-expanding!) site.  There are numerous ways of looking for different things on this blog and certain parts of it may be more relevant to some people than others.  As such you can think about the following things and the links will take you to relevant parts that narrow down to material more likely to be of interest.

  • A general search – top right corner of the page you’re reading and on every page of the blog is a “search box”.  Just enter the thing you’re looking for, like “section 42 Mental Health act” or “taser” or “prosecution”.  Every blog I’ve written that touches on your search criteria will be shown, starting with the most recent blog and getting increasingly historic.
  • The full index – a list of almost every post I’ve ever written, broken down by different categories like “Section 136 MHA” or “Prosecution of Offenders”.  Each link under those headings is a blog I’ve written on that subject.  The index is in the process of being revamped so it’s even easier to use than very long list of posts.
  • The Quick Guides – specifically intended for operational 999 staff or mental health professionals, it is something of a functional summary of “Emergency Mental Health Law”.  Each of them is formatted as punch bullet-points, summarising most things in fewer than three hundred words.  If there is a need for further topics summarised in this form, let me know on
  • The Paramedics Series – specifically intended to help the interface between these two emergency services.  In addition to covering operational and practical expectations of each service as they call upon the other, there is coverage of the legal issues at play, including offences against emergency services and the application of the Mental Capacity Act.
  • Mental Health Nursing (in development) – specifically intended to help the interface between policing and mental health nurses in all the areas where they overlap:  section 136, inpatient offending, supporting models of community care and crisis intervention.  (This should be up and running by April 2014.)
  • Reference Materials – all contained with the tool bar that runs across the top of the blog.  The page on Mental Health Law contains links to legislation, codes of practice and to the court transcripts of particularly relevant stated cases; the page on MH & CJ Resources contains links to guidance published by government, by professionals colleges and bodies as well as charities.

IMG_0053IMG_0052Winner of the President’s Medal from
the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Winner of the Mind Digital Media Award.


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