Not Quite An App!

This post is mainly to provide a list of the internet links that I used to create my own quick-reference folder on my phone, as shown in the picture. If you know how to drive your iPhone or other device or you know  that you don’t want such a folder in your’s, then this post is not for you and I’d recommend you put the kettle on instead!

Over the last week, I’ve had feedback from various kind folk about the usefulness of the BLOG.  One of them included a paramedic screen-shotting his phone to demonstrate to colleague that he’s got the BLOG ‘on tap’ to be used at jobs, if need be. This is something I’ve had for some while – the amount of times I’m in the BLOG writing posts, replying to comments and so on, I use the thing as much as anyone else. And of course, one of the secret reasons behind writing the damned thing(!) was that I find myself receiving more or the less the same email queries across the main topics of policing and mental health that it remains a real time-saver to be able to quickly pull up a link to a post and invite the person to read it rather than me re-write the answer all over again.

So on my iPhone and on my iPad, I have a little folder in which I have quick links to various pages of my own BLOG – the ones that I use the most to look stuff up. I also have three links to the HM Government legislation website, covering the Mental Health Act 1983, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It just makes my work so much easier and last night on Twitter, I recommended the idea to people who might benefit from using it and had technology queries about whether I could do an App – I’m afraid I haven’t got a spare thousand pounds kicking about to get it done properly and without irritating adverts all over it so that’s ruled out for now!  But I also had a query about how to do the folder thing.


It’s not quite an App, but it’s all I’ve got for now! –

  • Create the icons you need –
  • Get onto your internet browser on your SmartPhone and search for the BLOG.
  • Once it’s opened in the browser, click the icon that allows you to ‘share’
  • You’ll probably then have an option to ‘add to home-screen’, or similar.
  • You’ll probably get the change to label the icon – the word that appears under it;
  • Once you’ve named it and confirmed, the labelled icon will appear on your home-screen like an App icon.
  • When you click it in future, it will open your internet browser and take you straight to the page for your greater convenience.
  • Repeat this process for as many pages as you need – you don’t have to choose the ones I have chosen.
  • Combine those icons into one folder –
  • On Apple devices you press and hold them then place one over the other and it creates the folder.
  • Keep adding your pages to the folder in the same way, as required.


The links I used if you just want to save them were –

There you go – if you read this and thought, “I knew that!” or “How patronising!”, I was asked to explain how I did it for the benefit of some.

Hope it helps!


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