Draft College Guidance

The College of Policing has now released, for public consultation, draft guidance on policing and mental health – known as Approved Professional Practice.  We have been working on this for the last year or so —


These materials are now open for your scrutiny and feedback and will remain so until the end of 2015. During early 2016, we will synthesize all of your opinions and observations into a final product and it will be published by the end of the first quarter.

Two important hyperlinks for you –

This second link takes you to the College APP website and you’ll see four separate hyperlinks in orange on the left-hand side of the page. Each of these links is to one of four individual ‘chapters’ of guidance that cover the main topics across policing and mental health.

You then need to use this template for your feedback; and send it by email to the APP developers.

From my own professional point of view, the challenge in producing guidance is how to achieve brevity and simplicity in a topic area that is massive and full of complexity.  You may take the view that we haven’t struck this balance and for what it’s worth, we’ve debated it at length and are still uncertain as to we’ve judged it perfectly!  Whether you think this is too much or too little, you need to let us know and be specific: then we can work hard to get this right after the consultation ends.

But for now: it’s over to you and please feel entitled to push this around your personal and professional networks, as you see fit.


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  1. Disappointed that it does not cover more guidance on offenders who are already detained in hospital and continue to commit offences.

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