Mental Health and Policing Conference

A short functional post, to announce the national conference on Mental Health and Policing, being hosted by the National Police Chiefs Council and the College of Policing in Warwickshire on 24th May 2016.

There will be a range of speakers and as I publish this post they are confirmed to include Simon COLE, Chief Constable of Leicestershire and the NPCC Business Area lead on disability and local policing; and Christina MARRIOTT, Chief Executive of Revolving Doors. We couldn’t not include Commander Christine JONES, the NPCC and Metropolitan Police lead on mental health or a joint presentation from Northumbria Police and the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation trust – they are the only MH trust in the UK to have a clinical police liaison nurse, Claire ANDRE.

There will be more announcements of people I’ll be excited to tell you about, just as soon as they are confirmed, in the next couple of weeks!

The conference will also include a series of workshops on the future of street triage: by the time of the event in May, University College London should have published their evaluation of the original nine pilot sites of street triage and we’ve drawn together three forces who have different persepctives to offer, selected to represent particular issues worthy of wider consideration and learning. As we see associated schemes in liaison and diversion developing alongside triage; as we learn more about the overlapping 999 role with the ambulance service and the challenge of providing ‘triage’ in rural areas, the workshops should help areas understand the learnign that various areas have gone through, to integrate emergency mental health care.

We’ll also be close to the launch of college of Policing APP and training products.

That’s it for now! – see the website for registration and for more details as things emerge.  And there is no truth at all in the rumour that the conference is in Warwickshire because it’s just a short-ish drive from my house. 🙂

IMG_0053IMG_0052Awarded the President’s Medal by
the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Winner of the Mind Digital Media Award


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