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I’m after your views on something!  The blog is now approaching 675 posts, as well as various other pages and resources and when the Policing and Crime Act 2017 eventually takes effect, it will render many posts instantly out of date. On previous occasions when I’ve attempted to go through the blog updating every single post on something or changing appearance to make it fit a new ‘theme’ that I’ve used on WordPress, it has taken me a week of effort – and that was when the BLOG was nowhere near as large as it now is.

The BLOG always was intended to help police officers navigate their way through incidents and I’m still getting feedback that it continues to be valued for this. I therefore feel I have to make it clear that pre-PaCA stuff is now potentially out of date so that no-one attempting to use the posts as information falls foul of the update. I’ve been thinking of a few options and I thought it was probably better to ask those of you who are good enough to read, use and circulate this how you’d prefer me to do this from a few ideas I’ve had … and if you’ve got an idea that is better than any of these, I’m all ears so please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m not the one using this BLOG, so you’re probably better placed to advise what you’d want!

There are three potential options as I see it –

  • Work my way through the old posts and put a colourful disclaimer at the top of anything potentially affected by changes – this will take considerable time but if it’s the preferred way of doing it, I’ll make the effort over the Summer!
  • Put a massive disclaimer-caveat on the front page of the blog pointing out that anything published prior to PaCA could be out of date and to check carefully before relying on anything.
  • Archive the whole blog so it’s there on the internet to be read as it currently is, but closed to comments and start an entirely new BLOG from the point of the PaCA amendments and transfer material across that remains relevant.

For what it’s worth, I’m leaning towards option 3, not least because I’ve been thinking for a while of getting around to doing something different, based on requests – vLogs, or short videos on YouTube and uploaded to the BLOG which allows an audio-visual versions of the Quick Guides and other stuff like the PaCA amendments themselves. Some officers have asked for this, especially as smartphones have proliferated, as an easier way of consuming this stuff. Such a change of style in the way of presenting material might mean a new website, with links to the old that means nothing is lost or unavailable, is the best way to go?

As I say, I’m struggling to think what’s best to do and in all fairness, option 3 came from someone else I happened to discuss this with (thanks Dan!). It may be you can think of something even better! … thoughts welcome.




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14 thoughts on “Updating the Blog

  1. Thank you for even thinking of consulting your readership on the future of your blog.
    I am but an interested party so I am not as involved as most, i.e. my views are not important. Nevertheless, my instinct tells me that you should do whatever suits you and your community, whilst ensuring you cover your back, front and anything else that might be vulnerable.
    Option 3 looks good.
    I wish you every success.

  2. I’m not a Police Officer but have family members who are. But I also follow your Blog with great interest. Strikes me you are doing exactly the right thing asking your readers their views on how to make this change. Keep it as simple as you are able would be my thoughts ie without creating a heap of extra work…your attention is needed in different directions more particularly at this time. That said, you don’t want to lose all the information gathered previously albeit it some of it could be ”past its sell by date”. From that standpoint Option 3 was a clear front runner when I read it. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Michael, Thanks for everything you do already with the blog. I’m an RMN working as a contact centre clinician with ambulance, working closely with police. As the only RMN doing this in Wales, I’m asked for information all the time, and your blog is invaluable as a resource, and I pass on the details all the time. I would go with the third option, archive and start anew, the only request is that you keep going!! Thank you

  4. Also not a police officer, but frequently recommending resources to people who are working on the front line – I think option 3 is the clearest way of retaining the valuable library but showing that older material may be out of date and should be used with care

  5. I agree with the other respondents and go with option 3. And thanks again for all your hard work, it is appreciated.

  6. Hi Michael, met you a couple of times ( no I don’t expect you to remember me) Have always been impressed with your posts and we have had a couple of “interesting” debates. I have senior responsibility for an L&D team and I would vote for option 3 as there will still be some useful historical stuff there but you will be too busy “discussing” PaCA and answering questions to review the whole thing. Archive it, start new, move on and keep up the good work.

  7. Option 3 please! I would prefer a site where I know what I am reading is the most update and correct version, I don’t want to have to worry. Very selfish of me I know but as a serving officer sometimes I need quick answers and I rely on your site to direct me. Thank you!

  8. Hi

    From a mental health nurse point of view who is moving from one street triage team in one NHS trust to set up a new street triage team in another NHS trust I find your blog invaluable.

    I use the blog to both advise police officers, Sargent and at times higher ranks along with NHS staff of why police will not respond to some jobs as this falls within mental health services or NHS Services need to make more effort before calling on police.

    In answer to your question I think option three is best. Sometimes it’s best to start a fresh when something as big as the PaCA comes in

    Hope this helps

  9. I am an operational Police Supervisor, and have always found your blog to be an excellent resource. I think that Option 3 is clearly the best to cover both angles.
    It makes sense to focus on the new, but there will be a lot of what you have published which will still be valid when the legislation changes take effect and I see no reason why it could not be referred to – perhaps with the explanation of the changes you did placed over the top?

    Thank you for all that you do in this Blog, it’s a minefield out there, and your blog has guided many of us through it.

  10. Option 3 ….Thanks for all the knowledge and expertise you share with us all…every police practitioners reference and I know most of us will be looking intently when the P&CA commences.

  11. Can you not get somebody to help you implement Option 1? It’s a fiddly but fairly straightforward task to put a disclaimer on a bunch of pages.

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