The MHA Changes

I’m being absolutely inundated at the moment, via email, phone and social media, with questions about when those changes to the Mental Health Act 1983, contained within the Policing and Crime Act 2017, will be brought in to effect. The amendments will alter quite considerably the 1983 powers relating to the police and to the operation of Places of Safety.

Such is the relentless volume of enquiry, I decided to text the Home Office from holiday(!) and want to share an update with their permission: I begged them to do this to help spare me the pain of relentless enquiry and so that I may focus my efforts on fromage français et vin blanc, etcetera! –


“We can clarify that the changes to s135/136 Mental Health Act 1983 (ss 80-83 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 and related reulgaitons) will come into force no sooner than September 2017.  When the exact commencement date is known (ie, at least three weeks in advance, when those regulations are laid in parliament) this will be communicated to national partners for dissemination to local agencies.  In the meantime, local health, policing and social care and other agencies can continue to necessary implementation planning.”

So, it will happen no sooner than September 2017 and therefore, it may be later than that for all anyone currently knows.  Whilst I’m keen to keep you all updated! … I now suggest we all get on with enjoying the summer and I shall be starting this by continuing my holiday in the painfully beautiful Loire valley, in central France. Today, I enjoyed cycling around the place and endured un grande eclair café, bière 1664, cidre et fromage aux Château de Chambord (above).

If you will insist on these updates whilst I’m on holiday, you will see very short blogs that also boast of time off – it’s only fair!

I hope this helps … au revoir! 



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