Draft Mental Health Strategy

This is an opportunity to comment upon a draft strategy for policing and mental health, which is being put together by Chief Constable Mark Collins, the National Police Chiefs Council lead on mental health.

Please feel free to distribute this public document around as you see fit, including on social media or within any organisation to which you are connected if they may have an interest.

In addition to circulating this formally to partners and encouraging  even further circulation by them, we are putting this out on social media as the quickest way of securing broader public feedback and in order to distribute it as widely as possible to frontline professionals  in policing and other public sector agencies who might not see it through official channels.

A few explanations of the document which is linked below –

  • It is just a plain text format word document – the final edition will be a colour document that looks much more professional than this. Feedback is requested on the actual content.
  • Consultation within the police service brings us to this penultimate draft – we are not aiming to highlighted every issue that could be mentioned; but to focus on some key issues whilst laying down some important principles and objectives.
  • The purpose here is look longer term and to shape the role of the police service in our wider system of public service – did we get this right?

For various reasons, I’m afraid the turnaround for any feedback is regrettably tight, should you wish to offer your view.  If someone would like the document in a different format, please contact me on the email below.

DEADLINE – Wednesday 25th April 2018.

You can either leave a comment below, as I will take them all in to account, or leave feedback more formally via my College of Policing email address –


Please click here – Draft National Strategy on Policing and Mental Health.

IMG_0053IMG_0052Winner of the President’s Medal from
the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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2 thoughts on “Draft Mental Health Strategy

  1. Dear Inspector Brown

    I have bipolar disorder, and have found time and again that intelligence I pass on as well as reports of incidents where I have been subject to mental health related abuse are disregarded because of my condition. It’s a pity, as I am very good at observing and remembering details and at thinking to take photographs where appropriate and no risk to myself.

    That is the comment I would like to contribute to this process.

    With best wishes, Janet McCarthy

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I don’t know if it is appropriate to include, but unforeseen consequences like saying that conveyance should be ambulance, may mean waiting in a van for a couple of hours while waiting for an ambulance. Dangers of trying to convey people who don’t want to be conveyed at all in an ambulance…….Read stories of people being kept in a van/car because places of safety are full and can’t be taken to custody…..

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