A Work in Progress

I took a fairly unplanned decision a few weeks ago, to change the ‘theme’ of this blog on WordPress, just to shake things up after a few years of this looking the same.  I haven’t done anything particularly radical, but I came across a new theme which I think just looks a touch fresher and I was immediately and unexpectedly quite happy with it.  As with all such changes, it immediately threw the formatting of various things out of whack so I knew I’d treated myself to a fair few hours of going through every single post and page – around 800 of them – to put things back together and tidy up a few matters which have been hanging undone for months and years.  So this short post just covers what I’ve done so far and what will be done in coming weeks.

I only hope it makes things better or easier to use for those of you kind enough to drop by here and indulge me –

  • On the new front page, you’ll notice the small icon, top right corner of three parallel lines in a box: as before, this opens up a side-panel which gives access to the various menus.
  • You’ll find a search box, as before – you can enter whichever term you want, a bit like a Google search of the site, and it will result any blog containing that term.
  • At the bottom of the new menu section, there is now a drop down menu of ‘categories’ (see middle image, below):
  • I’m adding categories to each post I’ve done – and by searching one of those categories, it will bring up all the posts I’ve done making reference to it.
  • As you might expect, a lot of them related to sections of the Mental Health Act, like “Section 136” and this should make something of an index, whether to browse or use as a search tool (see index, right image, below).


Finally, I’ve deleted some of the old pages which I hadn’t updated in an eon and which I could tell weren’t used very often, but I have updated an overhauled the main legal resources page, now entitled ‘Mental Health and Capacity Law’ (see index, left image, above).  This now contains the most up to date links to Acts of Parliament, Codes of Practice and other relevant Regulations.  I’ve an idea to add to this page in future or even to make that page one which opens up a few others because I’ve also expanded the coverage and explanations of case-law, providing links to the judgments for those who want to read much more detail.

It will probably take me a number of weeks to work through all of the remaining posts, to ensure they’re properly formatted!  I’ve done just over 10% of them and I’m working backwards from the most recent stuff so I’m now in a position to notice that completion of this by end of 2018 is fantasy land stuff!  I’m revising the time it may take to complete this task to end of January 2019, whilst hoping for a fair wind in my general direction.

All feedback gratefully received if you have any thoughts or hit any problems,


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I try to keep this blog up to date, but inevitably over time, amendments to the law as well as court rulings and other findings from inquests and complaints processes mean it is difficult to ensure all the articles and pages remain current.  Please ensure you check all legal issues in particular and take appropriate professional advice where necessary.

Government legislation website – http://www.legislation.gov.uk