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I mentioned a short-time ago that I’d been asked to do some kind of CPD thing via social media where I could explain some stuff and people could ask questions.

I’m planning to start doing this and will be having a bit of a test-drive of the idea at 2pm on Thursday 14th March. I’m genuinely not bothered whether only a few people tune in (hence limited notice of it happening!), as the idea is just to give this a bash and for me to get use to doing it with the IT, etc.. Just seeing if it’s manageable.

Once I’ve got my head around it and if feedback suggests it’s worthwhile, we’ll give it a ‘proper’ go with more notice and a bit more pushing on social media for the fact that it’s happening.

So, Thursday 14th March at 2pm, if you’re free for 20minutes and especially if you have any questions you’d like to ask around policing, mental health and criminal justice.

Facebook Live which you’ll find via my Facebook page

I’ve made a list of topics and this is no kind of batting order of priorities, it’s just a list of disordered thoughts about what we might cover over the weeks that come. We can do them in whatever order people might prefer and I’ll probably ask at the end of each ‘live’ what people want covering next and do the topics in the order that best suits those tuning in. I’m also happy to take requests and add to this list, but so far, ideas include –

  • MH Crisis in Private Premises
  • Investigation / Prosecution (vulnerable suspects)
  • Section 136 MHA
  • MHA assessments (with or without s135(1) warrants).
  • Missing & AWOL patients (inc s135(2) warrants and s138 MHA).
  • The whole ‘No MH Beds’ situation – s140 MHA.
  • What do patients want from their police? – risks of over-policing.
  • “Good partnerships” – what does THAT mean?
  • Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD).
  • Learning from Deaths in Police Custody.
  • Recalls and revocations (CTOs/MoJ Warrants).
  • What does it mean to be ‘sectioned’?
  • Policing, MH & the ambulance service
  • Approved Mental Health Professionals
  • Investigation (vulnerable victims).
  • Accident & Emergency
  • Attendance at MH units
  • Assaults on NHS staff
  • Mental Health and Crime, inc why “capacity” isn’t the question to ask.
  • Conveyance (inc s6 MHA)
  • Mental Capacity Act

I’ll stop there! – about 20 topics and I could have kept going. The suggestion is we do this once a fortnight so the above will fill up the next year(!) and I’ll think about whether my life allows this to be at a regular time, something like ‘the first and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm’ for example. Format each time will just be me banging on for 6-8mins on the above topic, then Q&A on that topic or on anything else people want to raise or ask about.

So, if you’re free, small tester event at 2pm on Thursday 14th March just to allow me to get familiar with doing this sort of counter-intuitive thing, as I’ve never done it before – it will just be me explaining how it will all work, going over some general ideas I have about policing, mental health and the interface with the public and other agencies then in to Q&A if people have any questions.

See you there, if you’re free and if you’re not, watch it later and put feedback in comments section on Facebook.


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