Resisting and Refusing Conveyance

Various things have recently caused me to have to be concerned about assumptions by some that the police service is responsible for the conveyance to hospital (NB: not conveyancing – that’s what you do when you transfer the legal title of property!) of all mental health patients who are refusing to be conveyed, or resisting […]

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Like London Buses …

You know when you don’t get a question on section 5 of the Mental Health Act for ages and then three come along at once?! That … typical. It struck me the three queries grouped by theme would make a blog post, so where we go. As an introductory reminder, section 5 of the MHA […]

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Absconding From Section 136

Interesting situation on Twitter this morning which I thought it would make a decent BLOG post. It related to someone who had been removed to a Place of Safety by police officers under s136 and after a suitable handover, the officers had left the patient with NHS. This is what should happen – see Royal […]

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