The Tate Tragedy

I’m sure most people heard of the sickening attack on a young boy at the Tate Modern in 2019 – I don’t intend to cover the details as they are widely available elsewhere.  Trigger warning for the hyperlink that follows:  this post intends to focus on nothing other than the key decision for the judge […]

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The Impact of Policing

For some time now, I’ve been concerned about the impact on vulnerable people of ‘normalising’ the involvement of the police in their mental health care.  Regular readers will no doubt recall some observations I’ve made based on real cases or things I’ve learned by listening to people.  It’s because of my concern, I decided a […]

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Day Four Lockdown

I don’t think I fully realised last week what a privilege it actually is to be able to physically go to work – I get to ride 10-miles there, get out of my home for a bit, see other people outside my family and then ride back again in the fresh air. I’m now on […]

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