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I realised a while ago, to my near-total horror, that all this work and writing I’ve done over the last six years was all on this BLOG but it wasn’t backed-up anywhere else! I know, I know … I’d always just assumed that WordPress wouldn’t collapse on me and (touch wood), it hasn’t so far.  But I needed to get the situation squared away so I spent some of my summer evenings cutting and pasting the whole damned thing, – all 700+ posts and pages – in to Word documents which I’ve since turned in to PDF files.

It became quickly apparent during this process: I had no idea how much I’d written and that one document or file would just make my laptop explode, so I ended up producing one volume for each year I’ve been doing this. They are now safely stored in a few different e-locations and I’ve even printed out a copy and put them in folders to shove in the garage and drag ‘round for the rest of my life and make my son do it once I’m gone!  My life’s work in a box, etc., etc.!

Purely in case they’re handy for anyone, here they are —

  • Volume One covers 2011 as well as also various odds and sods, inc the Quick Guides.
  • Volume Seven for 2017 … it will be available next January 2019!
  • Volume Eight for 2018 … also available during January 2019!

As things stand, this is around 800,000 words of text!


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