First FacebookLive

I mentioned a short-time ago that I’d been asked to do some kind of CPD thing via social media where I could explain some stuff and people could ask questions. I’m planning to start doing this and will be having a bit of a test-drive of the idea at 2pm on Thursday 14th March. I’m […]


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Get Serious

I doubt many police officers reading this will spend much of their time lurking around mental health forums for nurses, AMHPs and others. A few who work in this area do, and of course there’s also an email based MH law forum that includes a lot of legal professionals who specialise in mental health law. […]

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Three Years Until 2022

A little medium and long-term thinking on mental health and its relationship with policing, if I may? We know from the last decade the problems the police service has tried to highlight and do something about. A large number of untoward incidents including deaths in police custody and fatal police shootings as well as more […]

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