Using PFD Reports

We’ve started the new year with some familiar messages – more preventing future death reports (PFDs) from UK coroners after someone tragically lost their life in circumstances which gave rise to fears that aspects could be repeated and lead to future tragedy. PFDs are statutory notices, something the Coroner issues to an agency who may control […]

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The Big Reports

I’ve often referred to the stack of reports on my shelf at home which have been published over the years and touch upon my treasured Venn diagram of policing, mental health and criminal justice.  Well, those thousands of pages all went for recycling recently and I decided to put links to them all on one post […]

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The Mental Health Act Review

I think I quite like the Mental Health Act review – I never expected the UK to rip it up and adopt a fully UN-CRPD type legal framework and I think the review chair, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, was right to have in mind throughout that whatever he recommended, it’s pretty much pointless unless it […]

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