Halfway from Elsewhere

This post arises from a specific event, but it’s far from unique.  I want to use it as an example of something so straight-forward and obvious, yet complex and intractable and which raises a number of questions I suspect are often overlooked or set aside.  It relates to the conveyance of patients who have absconded […]

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Looking Beyond Distress

No-one involved in the discussions and debates around mental health care provision can have failed at one point or another to have bumped up against the question of whether we have enough psychiatric inpatient beds for the country’s needs. There are loads of reasons to wonder about this and plenty of time has been spent […]

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Like London Buses …

You know when you don’t get a question on section 5 of the Mental Health Act for ages and then three come along at once?! That … typical. It struck me the three queries grouped by theme would make a blog post, so where we go. As an introductory reminder, section 5 of the MHA […]

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