Like London Buses …

You know when you don’t get a question on section 5 of the Mental Health Act for ages and then three come along at once?! That … typical. It struck me the three queries grouped by theme would make a blog post, so where we go. As an introductory reminder, section 5 of the MHA […]

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Duty of Care

Last week’s topic seems to have been discussions about the ‘duty of care’, real or imagined, which may be owed by the police. Firstly, Inspector Huw Griffiths from Hampshire Police mentioned this a lot when he presented brilliantly at the National Mental Health Forum CPD Event in Birmingham; secondly, it came up on the Masked […]

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Not Just Points of Pedantry

I took a phone call last week from police force X, seeking advice. A patient who had absconded from a mental health unit in police force X had turned up in a hotel well over 100 miles away in police force Y’s area – he was AWOL under the Mental Health Act 1983 which creates […]

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