The Right to Life

As far as I can tell, the tragic death of 60yr old Mr Michael Thompson in March 2016 was not widely covered by the media.  An inquest in Southwark in 2017 returned a verdict that Mr Thompson had died an accidental death after he set fire to his own property whilst in mental health crisis […]

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Ignorantia Juris non Excusat

As the years go on, I do find that the posts I write are becoming replicas of other posts I’ve previously written.  Indeed, sometimes I write and then think, “I’ve covered this before” and then just stop and delete the draft, content that it’s already been said.  However, this time I’m going to write a […]

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Fifty Nine Years

I’m off to Manchester on Monday. The Care Quality Commission are pulling together an event to look at the widely ignored provisions contained within section 140 of the Mental Health Act 1983. Actually, it’s not so much ignored, as not known about – over a number of years, I’ve often dashed off the occasional Freedom […]

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