Adventures in 136 Land

Imagine this: you’re the police officer attending an incident where, despite your best efforts to do something different, you have no choice but to detain someone under s136 of the Mental Health Act 1983. You considered street triage, you called family and ultimately felt there was no other way, consistent with keeping this person safe […]


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Stress-Testing Contingencies

About a decade ago, I was pottering about as the duty inspector in south Birmingham when a full-scale police mobilisation of public order units was ordered. This involves having to get together a sergeant and seven constables on to van, all of them ‘level two trained’ in public order tactics – riot police, to you […]

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Refusing s135(1) Warrants

This brief post is just a complaint on behalf of AMHPs everywhere.  In recent weeks and months, I have received queries from AMHP services and AMHPs who are at jobs, for my advice on how to handle a situation where they have sworn out a warrant from a Magistrate under s135(1) and, having organised a […]

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