Resisting and Refusing Conveyance

Various things have recently caused me to have to be concerned about assumptions by some that the police service is responsible for the conveyance to hospital (NB: not conveyancing – that’s what you do when you transfer the legal title of property!) of all mental health patients who are refusing to be conveyed, or resisting […]

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First FacebookLive

I mentioned a short-time ago that I’d been asked to do some kind of CPD thing via social media where I could explain some stuff and people could ask questions. I’m planning to start doing this and will be having a bit of a test-drive of the idea at 2pm on Thursday 14th March. I’m […]

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Voluntary Attenders

It’s been the fashion for a few years to suggest we need to reduce the amount of times the police service uses s136 MHA. No-one quite understands who made the unilateral decision that it was over-used and we know already that attempts to focus upon its reductions have been problematic. Once upon a time, I […]

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