Assisting on a Voluntary Basis

This post comes at the direct request of a mental health professional, touching on matters I’ve written about before but which keep coming up, somewhat resistantly – it follows an incident where officers local to them came to an Emergency Department with a person in handcuffs for NHS assessment around their mental health and where […]

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Duty of Care

Last week’s topic seems to have been discussions about the ‘duty of care’, real or imagined, which may be owed by the police. Firstly, Inspector Huw Griffiths from Hampshire Police mentioned this a lot when he presented brilliantly at the National Mental Health Forum CPD Event in Birmingham; secondly, it came up on the Masked […]

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First FacebookLive

I mentioned a short-time ago that I’d been asked to do some kind of CPD thing via social media where I could explain some stuff and people could ask questions. I’m planning to start doing this and will be having a bit of a test-drive of the idea at 2pm on Thursday 14th March. I’m […]

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