The Tate Tragedy

I’m sure most people heard of the sickening attack on a young boy at the Tate Modern in 2019 – I don’t intend to cover the details as they are widely available elsewhere. Trigger warning for the hyperlink that follows:  this post intends to focus on nothing other than the key decision for the judge […]


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New CPS Guidance

One of the last things I did at the College of Policing was attend a meeting in London with the Crown Prosecution Service who had begun to review their guidance on the ‘prosecution of mentally disordered offenders’. The CPS issue prosecution guidance on a large number of topics, all publicly available on their website and […]

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Like London Buses …

You know when you don’t get a question on section 5 of the Mental Health Act for ages and then three come along at once?! That … typical. It struck me the three queries grouped by theme would make a blog post, so where we go. As an introductory reminder, section 5 of the MHA […]

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