Government Response

In 2018, Professor Sir Simon Wessely concluded his review of the Mental Health Act 1983 and recommended certain actions.  In early 2021, the Government published a White Paper with their suggested following that review and today, they have published their response to that consultation. This is an early post after a relatively light read.  It highlights […]


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Section 13 MHA

I suspect, in just some ways, that section 13 of the Mental Health Act 1983 is the section that they really, Really don’t want you to know about, esp if you’re a police officer or paramedic who finds yourself dealing with mental health emergencies that may require consideration of using legal powers the police don’t […]

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Get Serious

I doubt many police officers reading this will spend much of their time lurking around mental health forums for nurses, AMHPs and others. A few who work in this area do, and of course there’s also an email based MH law forum that includes a lot of legal professionals who specialise in mental health law. […]

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