Three Years Until 2022

A little medium and long-term thinking on mental health and its relationship with policing, if I may? We know from the last decade the problems the police service has tried to highlight and do something about. A large number of untoward incidents including deaths in police custody and fatal police shootings as well as more […]

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Reflecting on Toronto

Late last year, I was fortunate to be invited to Toronto, for the 4th Law Enforcement and Public Health conference to help co-convene a two-day event on ‘law enforcement and mental health’ with Professor Stuart Thomas from RMIT, Melbourne.  We got to spend two days with a range of police officers, mental health professionals but […]

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‘Mental Health Related’

For some while, it has been suggested that the police service need to define what they mean by an incident being ‘mental health related’. You know those claims you’ve heard may times about how X percent of police demand or police time is connected to mental health related jobs? … well, it’s always been true […]

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