The Right to Life

As far as I can tell, the tragic death of 60yr old Mr Michael Thompson in March 2016 was not widely covered by the media.  An inquest in Southwark in 2017 returned a verdict that Mr Thompson had died an accidental death after he set fire to his own property whilst in mental health crisis […]

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Hotel Rooms and s136

I’ve written about the issue of the Mental Health Act and hotel rooms before – focussing on the stated case of ‘Rosso’. I’m not hyperlinking to the old blog post precisely because it is now redundant and out of date – it was written a few years ago, well before the 2017 changes to the […]

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Boats and Tents and Campervans

“Is this a house, a flat or a room where this person or another person lives?” … THAT’s what you have to ask yourself when trying to determine whether section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 can be used in a particular location. As this 2017 amendments to the Act were being drafted, along […]

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