Voluntary to ED

I continue to read the website of the Chief Coroner, where Preventing Future Death (PFD) reports are published and came across the recent notice after the inquest for Mr Anthony Preston, in Essex.  Many PFDs raise similar issues and I’ve written before about what PFDs are and collated many of those which I think are relevant […]

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Attention to Details

Worth reflecting on a few issues to do with the return, recall or revocation of those patients who are absent without leave (AWOL) or liable to be detained, under the Mental Health Act 1983.  I’ve had a number of queries, questions and quandaries in that last few weeks so I thought a post on it […]

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Doesn’t Lack Capacity

One year ago, Victor Osei killed his neighbour Anthony Higgins in a brutal attack.  Having pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, Mr Osei has been given a hospital order “without limit of time”, (presumably, a s37/41 restricted hospital order) and will be detained until such time as his psychiatrist and the […]

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