A Work in Progress

I took a fairly unplanned decision a few weeks ago, to change the ‘theme’ of this blog on WordPress, just to shake things up after a few years of this looking the same.  I haven’t done anything particularly radical, but I came across a new theme which I think just looks a touch fresher and […]

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Managing Hidden Risk Gaps

I came across the story of Daniel Stip online which bears some deconstruction, complex enough as it is involving three offending incidents across two police force areas, but also involving his detention under the Mental Health Act 1983 in a third police force area. Initially, based on the opening lines of the first coverage I […]

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Justice Delayed, not Denied

On August 3rd 2018, Kaylsey Smithen was convicted of the manslaughter of his 46yr old mother, Janice, which took place in Birmingham more than six years earlier. This short post is a little bit of speculation on my part, based only on media reports of the legal process, but which seeks to outline why such […]

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