Absconding From Section 136

Interesting situation on Twitter this morning which I thought it would make a decent BLOG post. It related to someone who had been removed to a Place of Safety by police officers under s136 and after a suitable handover, the officers had left the patient with NHS. This is what should happen – see Royal […]

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The Training Debate

Discussion has started again about the training required by police officers around their role responding to vulnerable people – again the proposition is that officers need specific training on autism and learning disabilities. I’ve written about this before and was interested to re-read a post I wrote five years ago because I have since been […]

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Facebook Live?

For various reasons that aren’t important to explain, I’m considering requests to do some live broadcast ‘stuff’ on policing, mental health and criminal justice.  Especially, focussing on the legal side of all this and mainly for the emergency services.  That said, I found this BLOG had wider appeal despite original aiming it at police officers, […]

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