Desperate Situation

The Independent reporting today NHS mental health services are in a “desperate” situation, largely over access to beds when admission to hospital under the MHA is needed. This post need only be short – my reaction to reading this, frankly, was to wonder what has changed? I suspect it’s the frequency with which the situations […]

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Anywhere Other Than a Dwelling

A number of questions in recent weeks about the types of location in which s136 MHA can be used.  — In one recent circumstance, a presenter asked this in a training setting and one attendee quite fairly and promptly came back with “anywhere other than a dwelling”.  It’s as good an answer to give, unless […]

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What Happened to Seni’s Law?

Only last week I was asked whether I knew what had happened to Seni’s Law – for those who don’t know what this means, it was the campaigning name for new legislation which eventually became the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018, named in memory of Seni Lewis who died in a south […]

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