Article 2 v Article 5

You know that situation, often covered on this blog, whereby someone requires hospital admission under the MHA, but there’s no bed, and the dilemma emerges about how the situation should be managed until such time as a bed is found?  It can give rise to a perceived conflict between Article 2 and Article 5 ECHR […]

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Let The Police Deal With It

The media often provides regular coverage of issues in the ambulance service, esp more recent – their occasional inability to manage demand is up for discussion after photographs of some trusts with half their fleet outside Emergency Departments, unable to offload patients and all the impact that has on their ability to manage incoming demand. […]

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Unblurring the Lines

Another recent Preventing Future Deaths notice from a Coroner has pricked my attention, concerning the sad death of Hannah Breadshaw from Greater Manchester.  Inevitably, PFDs are brief and not all details are included, but to my reading, this may be about the ever-blurred distinction between a threat to life incident and a somewhat more routine […]

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