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  • What Do All The Sections Mean?! …
  • Place of Safety policy
  • Assessments on Private Premises policy <<< coming soon
  • AWOL policy <<< coming soon
  • Conveyance Policy <<< coming soon
  • Prosecution of Offenders policy <<< coming soon
  • Mental Capacity Act policy <<< coming soon


BadgeThe Mental Health Cop blog won

– the Mind 2012 Digital Media Award, in memory and in honour of Mark Hanson.
The Awards celebrate the “best portrayals of and reporting on mental health in the media.”
– a World of Mentalists 2012 #TWIMAward for the best in mental health blogs.
It was described as “a unique mix of professional resource, help for people using services and polemic.”


2 thoughts on “Main Index

  1. I wondered if you could include some information on the role of GPs (apologies if I have missed it) in dealing with people with mental health issues. I have dealt twice this week with GPs telling mentally unwell individuals to attend their nearest police station as “we will arrange” a Mental Health Act Assessment!!!

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