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  • What Do All The Sections Mean?! …
  • Place of Safety policy
  • Assessments on Private Premises policy <<< coming soon
  • AWOL policy <<< coming soon
  • Conveyance Policy <<< coming soon
  • Prosecution of Offenders policy <<< coming soon
  • Mental Capacity Act policy <<< coming soon


BadgeThe Mental Health Cop blog won

– the Mind 2012 Digital Media Award, in memory and in honour of Mark Hanson.
The Awards celebrate the “best portrayals of and reporting on mental health in the media.”
– a World of Mentalists 2012 #TWIMAward for the best in mental health blogs.
It was described as “a unique mix of professional resource, help for people using services and polemic.”

One thought on “Main Index

  1. I wondered if you could include some information on the role of GPs (apologies if I have missed it) in dealing with people with mental health issues. I have dealt twice this week with GPs telling mentally unwell individuals to attend their nearest police station as “we will arrange” a Mental Health Act Assessment!!!

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