Place of Safety


One thought on “Place of Safety

  1. Dear Michael,
    Excellent passion and knowledge of mental health; If I was still at the Department of Health crafting Mental Health Policies – ( I was for 10 years, NSF, Legislation, Outcome Instruments, Inside/Outside- BME Mental Health, etc) ; I would have had you there helping to shape and modernise MH Services;
    Regarding Section 136; An excellent service I saw and reported on when I was a Mental Health Commissioner was in Gloucester; What was significantly defining for this service, was the passion and commitment of the nurse and manager who created and run the service; Great protocols with local police, A&E Department and the MH Trust Board; This same MH Unit had a nurse led Intensive Care Ward, which was just as good, used little rapid tranquilisation, little or no seclusion and again focused on quality of care and good written standards; All of this work I cited in the Mental Health Act Commission Bi-Annual Report- laid before Parliament, around the late 90s;
    So having good Sec 136 Services is not alien, however, politics, politicians or self appointed experts don’t create good MH Services; it is people with passion, skills and expertise who do it with good support from the Trust Board;

    I know you have regular contact with Prof Kam Bhui, the attached link is our- careif- recent study

    Railway Suicides in the UK

    Remember our Twitter @careif

    Co-founder and Director.
    The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation- International Foundation. (careif)
    Centre for Psychiatry
    Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
    Barts and The London, Queen Mary’s School of Medicine & Dentistry
    Old Anatomy Building
    Charterhouse Square
    London EC1M 6BQ

    CAREIF – Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International
    Foundation – is an International Mental Health Charity
    Visit our website:

    Twitter @careif

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