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It has bothered me for some years, the unintended consequences of routine over-involvement of the police in mental health incidents. We know, for example, that some patients have had bad experiences where the police have been involved; we know that some have had good experiences of compassionate and considerate officers, but nevertheless felt stigmatised in front of their neighbours by the police banging on their door at unusual hours and in unexpected circumstances. So this post explores some of that, calls for greater research on the experience of people in crisis in contact with the police and suggests, ultimately, that the impact of the police on situations to which they are called is never a zero sum game: whatever is gained by someone, is lost by someone else – most usually, the person in crisis.

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PACE For Beginners

Part One – general framework affecting all detainees.
Part Two – issues variously affecting detainess.
Part Three – how PACE relates to the MHA in custody.
Part Four – detailed vignettes on PACE / MHA.

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The new Code of Practice (2015) to the Mental Health Act 1983 for England

– The new Code came into effect on 01st April 2015
Summarised highlights for police officers
– Please read chapters 16, 17, 27 and 28.

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