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Welcome to my award-winning BLOG on policing, mental health and criminal justice —

I hope you find the resources here useful.  I’ve run this site for well over ten years and it’s been used almost three million times around the world.  Perhaps more importantly for me, it led to a job working full-time on the issues I’ve written about and a chance to influence the laws, policies and policing across the United Kingdom and the chance to work abroad, representing the UK to other countries — how exciting is that?!

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The best of luck to those of you trying to navigate the interface of policing, mental health and criminal justice, from whatever perspective.  It could hardly be more complex and impenetrable.  Professor Jill Peay observed work done at the interface of mental health and criminal justice is as complex as any you’ll find —

And the police can’t fix this for us.


I try to keep this blog up to date but inevitably, over time, amendments to the law as well as court rulings and other findings from inquests and complaints processes mean it is difficult to ensure all the articles and pages remain absolutely accurate and current.  In particular, hyperlinks used in some posts can fail over time as other organisations change their websites.

Please ensure you check your legal issues — take appropriate advice where necessary.  This blog is not official anything and I’m not a lawyer or a doctor – it’s just my own stuff based on some working knowledge and I’ve always felt a little like I’m making it up as I go.

I’ve worked hard to do that seriously and responsibly, but I’m neither legally nor clinically qualified.

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