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I’ve been running this site for over seven years and it’s been used over two million times around the world.  Perhaps more importantly, it got me a job working full-time on the issues I’ve written about and a chance to influence the laws, policies and policing across the United Kingdom – how exciting is that?!  I’m now an operational cop again, back doing what I joined to do and exposed to the reality of this work, 24/7.

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  • This post covers the detail of why it is not the responsibility of the police to undertake all conveyance of patients under the MHA where they are resisting or refusing to move.  Worth understanding what a legally illiterate, clinically inappropriate and, frankly, dangerous assumption this is.  And yet it’s widespread; and it strikes operational police officers most days.  In reality, there is a broad failure or refusal to commission towards the predictable consequences of operating a coercive mental health system.

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