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Hello! — this page will take you straight to the most commonly used features of my blog and you can read my LATEST POST HERE – the new Code of Practice is upon us and there are a dozen real nuggets of statutory guidance within that all operational police officers should be aware of.  Sergeants and Inspectors could do with knowing them as well as they know the PACE Codes of Practice.  Summarised here for your ease of reference!

A new Code of Practice (2015) to the Mental Health Act 1983 for England — this new Code came into effect on 01st April 2015 and I summarised the highlights for the police: chapters 16, 17, 27 and 28.

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  • Quick Guides – a series of legal and practical summaries for operational police officers about the most important scenarios that emerge under the Mental Health and Capacity Acts.
  • Paramedic Series – posts written specifically for my colleagues in green about the various aspects of how these two 999 services interact with each other.
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